Giving Shape to Movements

Beautiful shapes created in forms of people whose aim is to live with beauty.
Making the ordinary actions of users beautiful through the design of shapes.
This is the spirit of the SUGATA KATACHI brand name.
We are Makiko Takahashi, a creator of fabric products, and Yasufumi Takahashi,
a modern artist. We have both worked and studied in Europe and the United States.
When we returned home from New York in 2005, we rediscovered the refined movement
and manner of the Japanese, as exemplified by gardens, the tea ceremony, and calligraphy.
With designs that "give shape to movements", we set out to create objects that are unique,
of good quality, and which can be part of your life for many, many years.
We'd like to contribute to the creation of beautiful living spaces with the concept of
"Shapes Created in Forms of People Whose Aim is to Live with Beauty." 
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Giving Shape to Movements 

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  •  Door Handle Biscuit
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 Door Handle vol.1


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 Door Handle vol.2


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