We are Makiko Takahashi, a creator of fabric products, and Yasufumi Takahashi, a modern artist. We have both studied and work in Europe and in the United-States. When wereturned home from New-York in 2005, we rediscovered the manners and movements of the Japanese, exemplified by gardens, the tea ceremony, and calligraphy. With designs that 'give shape to movements', we set out to create objects that are unique, of good quality, and which can be part of your life for many, many years. We'd like to contribute to the creation of beautiful living spaces with the concept of 'shapes created in form of people whose aim is to live with beauty'.

Our Story

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Yasufumi Takahashi
Sculptor / Sugatakatachi  Art Director
M.F.A. in Graduate School of THE University of Tsukuba
Ecole Nationale superieure des Beaux-Art de Paris
Japanese Goverment Overseas Study Programme for Artists
/ New York
Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant

After he learned sculpture in Japanese university and in Ecole Nationale superieure des Beaux-Art de Paris, he began work published in Belgium. Since his art work selected permanent collection to the National Quebec Museum of Canada, he held a solo exhibition at North American's gallery, Utsunomiya Museum of Art (2004), such as Shibukawa City Museum (2008). His masterpiece "matrix of space" "Layer work" was highly acclaimed.
When he returned home from New York in 2005, he rediscovered the refined movement and manner of the Japanese, as exemplified by gardens, the tea ceremony, and calligraphy. With designs that "give shape to movements". He set out to create objects that are unique, of high quality, and which can be part of your life for many, many years. So he established 'Sugatakatachi' with his wife, Makiko.
Since then, he starting working as a product designer. Tokyo International Gift Show (2012), Maison & Objet (Paris 2013-2018) Hall 7 "Now", Hall 8 "Projet", IFFT Interior Lifestyle Living (Tokyo 2013), exhibited at Ambiente (Frankfurt 2014, 15). Work collection is chosen to Ambiente trend.
His door handles have been recognized for their high quality, as exemplified by the fact that they are used in all the rooms of JR kyushu's "Seven Stars in Kyushu" sleeper train, the world's first-class "cruise train."

sugatakatachi, Makiko-Takahashi
Representative Director  
Makiko Takahashi
In the kitchen at home

SUGATA KATACHI is a japanese company specialised in interior decoration.
Makiko TAKAHASHI founded it, and is the creator of the fabric products.
Sugatakatachi's concept means 'A unique living silhouette, a shape which is born'.
Yasufumi TAKAHASHI, the deisgner, has been a sculptor for 30 years after he left the Paris Arts Superior National School.
Through the design of our products, we set out to propose typical Japanese ergonomics and refinement.

Company name:Sugatakatachi

Office   1365-1 Iwazo, Utsunomiya, Tochigi 321-0973, Japan 
Tel& Fax  +81-28-662-6934
URL   http://www.sugatakatachi.com
Factory Sampaikawagishi, Oyama, Tochigi 323-0015, Japan

Establishment : 20 February 2012

Officer : Representative Director, Makiko Takahashi

2008 Tochigi Design Tray in Grand Prix, Lighting Tochigi Design Association Award - Tochigi Prefecture Industrial Promotion Division.
2010 Tochigi Prefecture Excellent Design Product : door handles and handrails have been chosen.
2011 Takaoka Craft competition : door handles, handrails and coat hangers won.
2012 Trade show Tokyo International Gift Show - Tokyo Big Sight.
2012 Genki Market Exhibition center - Tokyo International Forum.
2013 Trade show Maison&Objet - Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition center.
2013 Production of door handles and handrails for the japanese cruise train 'Seven Stars in Kyushu' (Eiji Mitooka design).
2013 Exhibition IFFT / Interior Lifestyle Living.
2014 Trade show Maison&Objet - Hall8now! - Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition center.
2014 Department store Galleries Lafayette (museum window) - Paris.
2015 International fair Ambiente - Frankfurt (Selected Ambiente trend 2014).
2015 Exposition Japan Home&Building - Tokyo Big Sight.
2015 Trade show Maison&Objet Hall 8now! - Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition center
2015 International fair Ambiente - Frankfurt (Selected Ambiente trend 2015).
2016-2018 Trade show Maison&Objet Hall8now!, Hall 7 "Projet" - Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition center

Permanent collection :

Canada National Quebec Museum, Tochigi Prefectural Museum of Art.

Main Projects :
Cruis train 'Seven Stars in Kyushu' / Japan
Sweet train Aru Ressha JR Kyushu / Japan
Sentou / Paris - Specialty shop
Bellerose / Belgium - Boutique
Le Blizzard, La Mourra / French Rhône-Alpes - 5-stars Hotel
Club-Med /  Mauritius Island

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