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New collection



Handcrafted for Hands

"While wooden furniture is used in the house, why is the door handle only metal?"
The creation of a sleek wooden luxury door handle began with this question.
We believe that the door handle is a human interface that connects people and space, and that it is a tool which brings comfort.
In Japan, many of the construction materials like wood, stone, paper, cloth and leather have been replaced with artificial materials and fakes, and the material that visually reproduces the natural texture has become mainstream.
However, in the room, which is a human interface, “feeling of touch” is essential for people to feel comfortable.
Our company develops, designs, manufactures and directly sells high quality door handles made of natural wood without joints or adhesion that value "feeling of touch".
It has already been used in 12 countries on five continents. It is used in places such as Club Med Hotel, 5 stars hotel and M.O.F. patisserie, including the finest sleepers operating Kyushu in Japan.
As the only manufacturer specializing in wooden door handles in the world, it has been highly praised by architects and owners of hotels and restaurants around the world.
Representative Director of Sugatakatachi | Makiko Takahashi


Giving Shape to Movements 

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