World Heritage series first installment
Le Corbusier "Villa Savoye" 

dh-vs-sw4.jpg VS100 dh-vs-sw1.jpg VS200 dh-vsm-sw4.jpg VSM dh-vsl-sw5.jpg VSL dh-vs105-1.jpg VS105 dh-vs201-1.jpg VS210 vs225-1.jpg VS225 dh-vs-l4.jpg dh-vs-sw5.jpg

DH-VS100, VS200, VSM, VSL, VS105, VS210, VS150, VS225

 Product name
  Wooden Door Handle
 型番 / Model number   DH-VS100, VS200, VSM, VSL
  VS105, VS210, VS150, VS225
  World Heritage
 Kind of trees  Oak
 Maker  Sugatakatachi
 External dimensions
 VS100 : W66 × H100 × D58mm
 VS200 : W66 × H200 × D58mm
 VSM : W105 × H105 × D63mm
 VSL : W100 × H200 × D62mm
 VS105 : W105 × H105 × D63mm
 VS210 : W105 × H210 × D63mm
 VS150 : W150 × H105 × D63mm
 VS225 : W150 × H150 × D63mm
 VS100, VSM, VS105, VS150 : 50mm
 VS225 : 100mm
 VS200, VS210, VSL : 150mm
 Yasufumi Takahashi
 Country of manufacture  Japan

We visited a site on the outskirts of Paris, France in the fall of 2017, and we had a strong impression on the curved surface of the windscreen wall of the solarium on the roof and the spiral staircase extending from the center of the entrance hall. Corbusier also left wood carvings, but he never designed a wooden door handle. If we collaborated with him, it might have become such a design that the door mounting part and the handgrip part lead to a large radius and an obtuse angle. Hardwood is shaved, polished and finished with oil. It's like a book with the left and right door handles aligned. We want everyone to enjoy the wood grain drawn on the page of the book.